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Izzy has been a crowd favorite since joining Jest Serendipity shortly after he graduated high school. As an inspiration for the High School League, Izzy has been a huge part of Jest Serendipity's growth throughout the years. Izzy is very passionate about performing and does not pass up opportunity. Currently Izzy is also the Stage Manager for David Copperfield at the MGM.


Been with Jest Serendipity since 2005.

Brent Mukai is your typical fat kid in high school that blossomed in college story.  Except Brent didn't just blossom, he exploded.  Brent is the hardest working individual you will ever meet.  To this day, Brent is a staple in Jest Serendipity, as he is a voice actor, one of our corporate trainers, and boy.... can he sing!  Without making one Asian joke, Brent alone is worth the price of admission.


Been with Jest Serendipity since 2008.

Spenser is a pure natural on stage. He is the type that wakes up in the morning beautiful without preparation. No one will say things more shocking and hilarious at the same time on stage than him. Spenser single handedly made a game popular in shows, that being "Day in the Life". As talented as he is on stage, he is just as modest off stage. Spenser is the guy who could call you fat... and you would laugh.


Been with Jest Serendipity since 2007.

With a Groundlings background, Spiro is a jack of all trades on stage. He will either be your favorite on stage or your favorite to boo. Spiro constantly pushes the limits and does it like it is a science. If the show needs a touch of something, Spiro finds it. Love him or hate it, he has to be on stage. In the past few years, Spiro decided to make Stand Up Comedy his main focus and he has already made his mark in Las Vegas


Been with Jest Serendipity since 2008.

If there is a "who's funnier" contest between Brandon Green and anybody else, Greeny typically wins. As the first High School Jester to graduate into Jest Serendipity's cast, Greeny showed us his ability to just make somebody whole heartedly laugh. In situations where it requires 1 person to just stand there and talk, there's no one we would rather have up there. And no, he's not just funny because of the way he looks.


Been with Jest Serendipity since 2010.

Warren is the only person in the history of Jest Serendipity that Kopy wanted to train as a host. Warren has spent a number of years learning the ropes and running numerous shows alongside Kopy. He has been a vital part of multiple levels of the company including the mainstage cast, UNLV Improv, and the High School League. And for the record, he was bald before Kopy or anyone else in the cast.


Been with Jest Serendipity since 2008.

Kopy is the founder of Jest Serendipity. To this day, he is the owner, producer, coach, and resident host of mainstage cast. Jest Serendipity was founded on the principle of opportunity. To allow everyone to perform, Kopy put himself in the hosts role. As much as it isn't in the direct spotlight, Kopy has mastered a formula for a comedic host and performer. Don't let the suit fool you... this isn't Kopy's first rodeo.


Co-created Jest Serendipity in 2004.

A model turned comedienne, Nina Renee has always loved performing and theater. She was a hostette along side Kopy for nearly 2 years. Then in a Charity Improv Tournament, she performed and stole the audience. She quickly transitioned to the mainstage cast.  Her shock value to an audience is priceless. Who would have known!? Nina is the definition of why people should be given an opportunity. Amazing.


Been with Jest Serendipity since 2010.

Krasner is an improv and stand up comic veteran. With years of experience before us even, Mike's improv abilities have solidified his stand up routines and vise versa. Mike takes your silent but deadly approach. He might not say a lot, but when he does it's magical. That magic is fueled by years of suffering as a Raiders fan and obscure 80's movie trivia. Whatever the case, hilarity is always the outcome with Magic Mike.


Been with Jest Serendipity since 2012.

Tirza was dragged into an improv class crying while in high school by a friend... and has never looked back. Tirza won the High School Jesters Improv League's Most Valuable Performer (MVP) award, which is now the nation's largest high school improv program. Tirza packs a punch just like the rest of the cast, despite her being smaller than everyone else in the room. Her performance is anything but small.


Been with Jest Serendipity since 2018.

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