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Improvisation Comedy Company

What we can give your Company is INVALUABLE!

For 20 YEARS

We Specialize In...

* Corporate Training


* Keynote Presentations


* Team Building


* Actionable Communication


* Managerial Skills


* Actionable Listening


* Empathy


* Self-Awareness


* Trust Building


* Custom Shows


* And so much more!


And we have.  Put us to the test!  Do you want to make your Corporate event a bit more fun?  Are you looking to help your employees gain some team building experience and make your office more efficient?  Whatever idea you have, just ask!  All inquiries are responded too within 24 hours.

Keynote Presentations

Actionable Training




The root of 99% of our problems stem from communication. Our Keynote Presentation will highlight the 4 pillars of Communication in the most interactive and fun "Ted Talk" you will see.  Our goal is to bring to light these everyday concepts that we take for granted and entice creative thought on how to communicate more effectively.

Actionable Workshop


Most companies call this "Ice Breakers" or "Team Building".  We believe we can get more value out of every opportunity.  We create actionable steps that leave a lasting impression in not only how you conduct yourself in the workplace, but how you conduct yourself in your everyday life.



Empathy has become a corporate buzzword.  There is not a person on the planet that believes they're not capable of being "empathic".  However, there is a process to get there.  There are misconceptions.  There are barriers that prevent us from being empathic.  We can highlight all of these step for you!

The 4 Pillars of Communication

Everything we do in life stems from the 4 Pillars of Communication.  We have a lot more power then we think to

improve our lives.  The easiest of concepts are sometimes the hardest to digest.

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