The Jesters league from year 1 to year 2 was astronomically different. The amount of press the league received and the amount of interest immediately gave more life to Jesters. The league moved over to one of the most popular local theaters in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Little Theater. The Little Theater was so impressed by the league, they opened a new space to feature the students and league that is still open and functioning today. This year also marked the birth of the original "Baby Boys" from Palo Verde HS. From the first day of workshops, the Palo Verde team brought their desire to perform and showcased it every week. They defeated a Green Valley High School team with experience, which was the 1st of 3 consecutive championship wins by Palo Verde High School.
2011 Unofficial Most Valuable Performer - Brad Calder Brad's passion has always been comedy. As a high school student and even to this day, he loved being on stage. He helped bring his Palo Verde improv team to Jesters to maximize the amount of opportunities he could have to perform. Jesters in their 2nd season, did not have an award system in place, but Brad filled Greeny's shoes from the year prior. Not only did he take the league by storm, he helped start a 3 year run for Palo Verde that has not been matched to this day. Brad now lives in Los Angeles pursuing his dreams. Improv, stand up comedy, sketch... that's what you'll find him doing day in and day out.
High School Jesters Improv League Champions  2010 - Del Sol High School 2011 - Palo Verde High School 2012 - Palo Verde High School 2013 - Palo Verde High School 2014 - SECTA 2015 - Desert Oasis High School 2016 - ECTA

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