The Jesters League takes yet another leap of growth and moved over to the Alexis Park Resort to help accommodate their size. This year in Jesters was exciting because it also was the same year Jest Serendipity led a city wide tournament for Charity which received a lot of press and recognition. Palo Verde High School being the reigning High School League Champions, and their general overall love for performing, they joined the city wide tournament. They were high school students performing against adults and lasted 4 rounds and made it to the final 4 in the entire city. They were proud of their accomplishments as they also returned to the High School Jesters League Championship for a rematch against Green Valley High School. Needless to say, they kept on their winning ways.
2012 Unofficial Most Valuable Performer - Samantha Elton This would be Sam's 3rd year in the Improv League and her junior year in high school. Sam some how found a way to make it to the Championship all 4 years of her high school career. This particular year, with the hype surrounding the Palo Verde boys, Sam had a team of freshman around her and even her little brother who was an 8th grader at the time. Sam helped lead her young team to another Championship show. This season set Sam up to be the only "Student Instructor" Jesters has ever had in her senior year. Sam as a senior, led her team again to the championship. With an award system still being put into place, Sam could not have officially won this award. However, this year in Jesters as well as Jesters history would not have been the same without Samantha Elton. Sam is now married with a child and living in Oregon with her family. She is seeking performing opportunities their as well.
High School Jesters Improv League Champions  2010 - Del Sol High School 2011 - Palo Verde High School 2012 - Palo Verde High School 2013 - Palo Verde High School 2014 - SECTA 2015 - Desert Oasis High School 2016 - ECTA

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