The 2013-2014 High School Improv League took quite a transformation as it finally crossed over to the schools to today's current format. Sunrise Mountain High School hosted the first League Championship in the schools. This year was also exciting because this was the first year the Palo Verde team was completely graduated and the league Championship was entirely up for grabs. An under-story over the previous 2 seasons was a SECTA team that was building momentum. SECTA turned into a new form of the Palo Verde team as they beat Centennial High School to win their Championship in 2014. This was a SECTA team in their junior years, all in which had been performing in the league since they were freshman.
2014 Most Valuable Performer - Cameron Coleman Cameron was apart of the Championship SECTA team that year. Cameron had a 3 headed monster of a team to where all 3 of the members on the team each brought something unique to the table. Cameron's strength besides his confidence and charisma, was his ability to make everyone around him look amazing, including the other team. Cameron won the MVP award this year unanimously, and returned his senior year to win the same award again. Cameron is the only student to win the MVP award twice.
High School Jesters Improv League Champions  2010 - Del Sol High School 2011 - Palo Verde High School 2012 - Palo Verde High School 2013 - Palo Verde High School 2014 - SECTA 2015 - Desert Oasis High School 2016 - ECTA

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