Las Vegas' Longest Running

Improvisation Comedy Company

This show is 100% entirely based on what the audience wants to see.  The cast spends just as much time in the crowd as they do on the stage.  The cast’s number one goal is to please every single person in the audience.  Weather you participate or not is up to you, but every show is customized just for you.  Our audiences are special to us because without you, we would not exist.


Most shows are scripted and cycle crowds in and out nightly without much personal touch.  Being a part of a Jest Serendipity experience, you are going to see a show for the first time and the last time because that show cannot be done for anyone but you.  There is no challenge that audiences have to given to Jest Serendipity that they have not been able to accomplish.  You have many choices when coming to Las Vegas to see something entertaining.  There are plenty of excellent options, but there is only one that can give you exactly what you want to see.


Jest Serendipity’s show has earned its place in the Las Vegas limelight.  With performers from all over the country, and even the world, Jest Serendipity from the host to the sound guy can make you laugh.  There are 100 shows in Vegas, but only 1 has the cast meet you at the door to ensure you have a good time.  We care about you the “AUDIENCE!”


“Even though it’s the longest running improv show in Vegas, Jest Serendipity remains as fresh as ever after years of entertaining audiences on The Strip.”

- Tix4Tonight

“it's all about jokes, and this is a fun bunch.

You don't have to worry about a redunant format.”

- Mike Weatherford


“Jest Serendipity is just funny, just generous, and just worth it.  Just go!”

- Rebel Yell

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A Typical Show for us...

At this point, there is nothing we have not been asked or booked to do especially here in Las Vegas. Please watch the video below to see one of our favorite memories. We were asked to help make this special. Enjoy and grab tissues!

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