Las Vegas' Longest Running

Improvisation Comedy Company

UNLV Improv, formerly Jest for Starters, is another offshoot of the Jest Serendipity family.  With a good number of students coming from the High School Jesters Improv League, this cast and show is for performers looking to improve their performing skills, learn about improv, and/or just have a good time.  This show follows the stepping stones of how

Jest Serendipity started.


Jest Serendipity started as an "off the hip" idea in a college dorm in the early 2000's.  Since it's inception and growth into what it is today, Jest Serendipity has stayed true to it's roots and ideals.  The show was always for anyone who wanted to be involved, and it still lives by that principle today.


Jest Serendipity, Jest for Starters, and UNLV Improv casts are the ones that make it all possible.  JS's tenure at UNLV produced such popular memories as their annual X Rated  show, Calculus, Summer Lovin', Improv Roasts, Relay for Life Shows, Wet and Wild, and so many more.



Shows: During the College School Year only

UNLV Student Union Theater

Cost: FREE!


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